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The Coppice

The Coppice is the larger of our two dog play areas at about 3 acres in total. An L shaped field, the Coppice covers the Christmas tree plantation and has areas of open space, lightly spaced Christmas trees and some small more densely wooded areas. The Coppice sits between the Paddock area and private gardens to the north and is secured from the railway line to the south with open fields beyond.

20210307_141203 (002).jpg

The whole area is securely fenced by 6ft deer fencing all around and pegged to the ground, with additional rabbit fencing around the bottom and 5ft close knit screening which acts as extra screening and security for very small puppies. There is a 6ft wired lockable entrance gate and hard standing to enable you to park your car inside the Coppice and secure the access gate behind you. Access is reached from the car park, behind the cabin and into the secure area.

Water is provided, as is a poo bin, and there is a shelter with chairs and a good view down the Coppice. However, with the wooded areas in the Coppice, the whole area is not visible from the shelter.

Coppice 20210310#5.jpg

The Coppice is a very natural area with uneven ground in many places and the odd tree stump. All making for a very exciting sniffable experience for your dogs,

And for the summer we have added a paddling pool for those dogs that love to paddle and splash - or just enjoy a good soak or large drink!

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