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The Paddock

Paddock collage.jpg

The Paddock is the smaller of our two dog play areas at about 3/4 acre in size in 2 sections. It sits alongside the Kennet and Avon canal to the north and the Coppice area to the south. Securely fenced by 6ft deer fencing all around and pegged to the ground, with additional rabbit fencing around the bottom and low level close knit screening which acts as extra security for very small puppies. There is a secure entrance gate and a small gate between the two sections enabling you to choose how you use the space. Access is reached by a driveway from the secure car park area alongside the Coppice area. This section of our park also has access to the natural running tributary stream of the River Avon! for a cool and fresh paddling delight for our fluffy companions.


The Paddock offers a range of jumps, a small tube, tyres and a pallet ramp for play and to train agility, as well as a mini trampoline all combined in a secure space to run training classes or just have fun.


Flowing natural water is available, which can be gated off if required; as well as a small paddling pool. There is also a poo bin, some seating and a shelter with bench.






The Paddock Includes its own gated driveway with a staggered gate system.

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