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Practise for pups and pooches

Great to train your puppy, rescue or older dog. 
Ideal for practising recall, obedience and fetch in a safe area.
Jumps and ramps to train agility and a secure space to run training classes.

The Paddock offers a range of jumps, a small tube, tyres and a pallet ramp for play and to train agility as well as a small trampoline and secure spacing to run training classes.  We also provide a small paddling pool in the summer – subject to safety. Water is provided, as is a poo bin.

Whilst the Coppice offers open space and hundreds of trees in a mix of open spaces and dense wooded areas to enable dogs to have a great run, fabulous recall opportunities and exciting sniffing activities. The open area gives ample space to run dog training classes. Water is provided, as is a poo bin.

Both the Paddock and the Coppice can be hired for individuals/families private and specific use. But we also welcome dog trainers who wish to run dog training classes, dog walkers looking for a secure space to let several dogs run and play together, and doggie birthday parties.

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